Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2016


The Elder Porphyrios of blessed memory said in 1985; “When a black president becomes president of the United States a great catastrophe will befall that country.”
        In the book entitled “Elder Ambrosias Lazaris,” the spiritual father of the Convent of Laviou, on page 119 refers to the month of August 2001.   Someone at that time had asked the Elder (Porphyrios) to pray to Saint Nektarios to intercede for him for a problem he had.  The Elder answered him by saying; “My son, don’t bother the Saint, he is now in America.  He is very busy there in an effort to save lives.”  (Remember what St. Paisius did in visiting the sick throughout the world in my last translation). A few days after this dialogue, on September 11, 2001 the Twin Towers fell.   Elder Porphyrios a few months earlier had said; “that which will happen in America, will change the course of history.”   
He also said “that great troubles will afflict America and this will not be confined only to the month of September.  Woe unto me.” 
The Elder Porphyrios also had told the Metropolitan of Siatistis Anthony:  “You’re Eminence you will see what will happen to the Americans in two months.”

 +Fr. Constantine (Charles) J. Simones, Waterford, CT, USA, July 11, 2016, 860-460-9089,

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