Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

“Ecumenism” - Seraphim Rose

There has yet been no official announcement as to where all of this is leading, but logically the road is quite obvious. The ideology on which ecumenism is based, which inspires its actions and words, is a heresy in itself. How else can one view assertions that the Church of Christ does not exist, that no one possesses the entire Truth, that the Church is still in the process of being created. However, without too much ado it can be seen that the self-liquidation of the Orthodoxy that participates in ecumenism is at the same time the self-destruction of Christianity as such: for if there is not one single church that is specifically the Church of Christ, then neither will the combination of all the sects be such a Church, at least in the sense in which that concept was presented by its founder – the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, if all “Christian” groups are related to one another, then all of them together are related to other religious groups, and such Christian ecumenism can only lead to a syncretic world religion (the religion of Antichrist).
Such is truly the underlying goal of the ideology that inspire the ecumenical movement, and currently this ideology has so taken over the participants in the ecumenical movement that a “dialogue” and subsequent unification with non-Christian religions becomes the next logical step for today’s corrupt Christianity. (Note: The prognosis made by Father Seraphim 30 years ago is being fulfilled before our very eyes…).
Father Seraphim Rose

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