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Elder Thaddeus -spiritual teachings

Lord sometimes allows this to happen to an ordinary person. When a suffering person has no comfort, no consolation from anyone on earth, when he feels despised and rejected by everyone, then the Lord Himself comforts this soul."Our Thoughts Determine Our
Lives p.201, Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica, St Herman
Press 2009
"When an evil spirit sees that a person is trying to please God and is making 
progress in the good, it finds its way into the hearts of other people and from there it envies the godly person. In this manner the fallen spirit creates an evil disposition in other people toward their brother, and they feel envy toward him. Under the influence of the demon they commit many evil and malicious deeds against their brother, spread lies and rumors about him, and disturb him as he goes about his business.
To us it seems as though men are the ones who envy their pious brother, but it 
is really the spirit of wickedness that has secured its place inside the heart of those people and is envious.
Likewise, the spirit of evil enters the heart of a person who has heard that 
misfortune has befallen a man with whom he has not had a good relationship for a long time. He doesn't know that it is the spirit of hades that is rejoicing at his neighbor's misfortune." Ibid p.205
"The mind, heart and will are usually divided and separated in the 
ordinary person. This is the most common source of our problems and afflictions. However, with those who have been enlightened by God, the mind, heart and will are united and the light they have been given is not only the visible, physical light that they radiate, but a much deeper and permanent inner light whose abode is the person's heart. This light is love and it is only with love that man can draw near to God, Who is pure Love. Our growth and journey toward God is eternal, for God is indescribable, ineffable and uncontainable. However, it is through love that we are closest to Him." Ibid p.128

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