Samstag, 19. April 2014

A Prayer Before the All-Holy Sepulchre - By Fr. Mitrophanes

By Fr. Mitrophanes, Guardian of the Holy Sepulchre


Lord Jesus Christ our God, Who art Risen from the dead, receive our prayers and supplications and also my pilgrimage to Thine All-Holy Tomb; and raise us up, Who art Risen from the dead, granting Thy resurrection to all, and raising all who have fallen. To bring us into communion and show us Thy Resurrection, Thou didst descend into Hades. To illumine our darkness, Thou camest as Light into the darkness and dispelled the darkness of Hades, and as an arrow and lightning and uncreated tongues of fire the Holy Light of Thy Resurrection illumines our darkness and purifies our vision. Thou art our Resurrection from the sufferings of life. Thou art our Light leading us through the darkness of this present life. Thou art our Resurrection who art fallen into the traps of the enemy of our salvation. Thou art our Peace distinguishing disharmony. Thou art our Joy, for the Myrrhbearing women cried "rejoice!". Thou art the Bread of Life Who came down from Heaven, of which whosoever eats none will go hungry, and sanctifiest those who participate and raisest them from corruption. Thou art our Resurrection, providing resurrection to all who have fallen, and to Thee do we ascribe glory together with Thine Beginingless Father and Thine All-Holy, Good, and Life-Giving Spirit, now and forever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.


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