Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

I am everything....

 I am father, 
  I am brother, I am bridegroom,
  I am dwelling place, I am food, I am raiment,
  I am root, I am foundation:
  all whatsoever thou desirest, I am. 
  Be thou in need of nothing.
  I will be even a servant, 
  for I came to minister, not to be ministered unto;
  I am friend, and member, and head,
  and brother, and sister, and mother;
  I am all, only cling thou closely to Me.
  I was poor for thee, and a wanderer for thee,
  on the cross for thee, in the tomb for thee;
  above, I intercede for thee;
  on earth, I am come for thy sake
  an ambassador from My father.
  Thou art all things to Me:
  brother, and joint heir, and friend, and member.

  What wouldest thou more?

        (From St John Chrysostom's 76th Homily 
        on the Gospel of St Matthew)

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