Sonntag, 6. April 2014

God's will is unknown to us - Desert fathers

An elder said, 
"Many times our prayers are not answered because of us. Other times it is because of someone else and for a different reason. 
For example, someone asks me to pray for a person who is ill. I pray, and let's say I have sufficient faith and am not egotistical. Still God does not answer my prayer, because the other person is not humble enough. He may believe that God will help, but his ego stands in the way. We must trust God. We should let Him do whatever He wills. If I pray correctly, I may feel the removal of the temptation, and everything will go well. 
Any time, however, that God allows us to go through a temptation, it is for our own benefit, and we should probably not ask God to deliver us from that difficulty. If the difficulty is caused by the Devil, then God helps us right away. Many times God's will is unknown to us."

Gerontikon of Athos

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