Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Τhey will not find peace and rest... (Elder Paisios)

No matter what people do, even if they are insensitive, heartless and soulless, they will not find peace and rest. 

They try to justify the unjustifiable, but inside they are tormented and agitated; that is why they are constantly craving entertainment, listening to loud music, getting drunk, and watching television. They want distraction in order to forget because their conscience bothers them. 
They can't even rest when they sleep. You see, there is the conscience. 
The first "Holy Scripture" that God gave to Adam and Eve was conscience, and we inherit it from our parents like a photocopy. Not matter how hard we may try to run over our conscience, it is still there checking on us. That is why people say, "This thing is eating him up." Indeed, there is nothing sweeter than having a clear conscience. One feels like he has wings; he soars. 

(Elder Paisios of Athos)

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